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Tiny Tin's

Tip Toe




Welded Steel,

Aluminium & Wood,

Kinetic Sculpture

Acquired by the Redlands City Council, through the inaugural  'Girt by Sea' Sculpture Acquisition Prize, held June 11, 2016 at Redland Bay.


To see the kinetic features of Tiny Tin's Tip Toe in a water fountain proposal for Tiny Tin in concert with another of Greg's works, Rusty's Teletransporter >>>>

The work is inspired by the experience of being out on the water in a small craft. Tiny Tin’s Tip Toe is an homage to the tinnie. The journey begins with a separation from land. The ‘tinnie’ represents Australia’s relationship with the coast; the close bond to water, and the small, intimate connection with the coast’s nooks and crannies, back waters, twisting mangroves and coastal fringe habitats. Once the journey begins, the invitation draws the mariner forth into the realm of Poseidon.

Greg with fellow sculptors,

Anton Bruinsma and Rudi Mazar,

at the judging of the works for the

'Girt by Sea' Acquisition Prize, 2016.

Wind and water are predominant themes in this kinetic work. Drawing on childhood memories of pogo sticks and pinwheels in the playground, the work has a fascination with childlike play. It is whimsical, connecting a watercraft and the seeming improbability of flight, like a flying fish, a flying boat. The work captures the theme of suspension – a moment in time between the troughs and peaks of a wave. The dynamics of scale are played out in the juxtaposition of a tinnie atop a billowing spinnaker, contrasting the power of the elements and the fragility and vulnerability of a tiny craft out on the open ocean.

Tiny Tin on the foreshore
Tiny tin under construction
background 1
at the judging
background 2
Greg at work
tiny tins tip toe

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Kinetic feature demo at judging

Kinetic feature demo at judging

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