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Artwork defined
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'My work is an Allegory of the plight of humanity's struggle...'

October, 2023

A trip back home to the USA to visit family... and a continuation of a resurgence of interest in collage and painting.

The past year has seen Greg busy in the painting studio again, with an attraction back to the two dimensional form and surface...In and out of the painting studio, in between Maquette building in the development of more three dimensional works exploring flight.

September, 2021
Another Successful Sculpture at Black Mountain UnPlugged...

The Big Finger  [BMUP 10, Aug. 2021]

...Stickin' it to the World from FNQ!

Another awesome festival at the eerie and mysterious Black Mountain, and another fitting work to take its home there.


Thanks to Gav, Kath and the close-knit, warm, friendly and wonderful team for another incredible three weeks of creative inspiration, hard work... and beer.

Big FInger.jpg
BMUP  logo.png
Big Finger - Greg and Clarry.jpg

A special thanks to Clarry for his dedication and expertise... he's the man with the plan!

Looking forward to collaborating in the future with this special dude!

September, 2019
Underwear Revisited At Sirromet web.jpg
Greg wins the
Brisbane Sculpture Festival 2019's
'Sirromet Outdoor Sculpture Prize'

Underwear Refitted

Takes out Award!

Underwear Refitted - installed.JPG

<<< What a cheesy grin!


Greg's large-scale work was chosen from amongst more than 30 outdoor pieces that  were scattered throughout the Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha. 
Greg was deeply moved by the recognition, and said he was grateful to Sculptors Queensland for the opportunity to show,  for the wonderful conversations had at the opening night with fellow artists... and the delicious Red provided by Sirromet ;)




2019 ~ Wood, Steel

Greg reworks a stunning piece from 2015, and exhibits it at the Brisbane Sculpture Festival, 2019, conducted by Sculptors Queensland in celebration of their 50th Anniversary.


The exhibition is held at the Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens. Pictured here are the gardeners putting the finishing touches to the bed in which the sculpture stands.

A Return to the News Cycle...

‘Our blokes couldn’t build a canoe,’ Abbott’s Defence Minister Johnson said. $20B became $50B. Our dirty laundry is hanging out for the world to see.

Plane/submarine combined, seen and unseen, above and below, Underwear Refitted reflects the foolish paradox of competing with modernity in the form of a nuclear drone.


Underwear Refitted - from across lagoon.

Underwear Refitted is on display at the

Brisbane Sculpture Festival at Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens until June 13.


Out of the Woods!

'Curlew's Viewpoint'


Greg returned to the studio after a four month unscheduled appointment with a roadside tree and his motorbike...


His first foray back into the challenging realm of sculpture has not only been highly therapeutic, but also imbued with great meaning for him.

Sketches from a waking dream...

sketchbook 1
sketchbook 2
sketchbook 4
sketchbook 3
sketchbook 5
sketchbook 7
sketchbook 8
sketchbook 9
sketchbook 10
sketchbook 11
sketchbook 6

June, 2018

The images at left and below were conceived by Greg whilst recovering in hospital from an accident in which he, amongst other things, sustained a brain injury, and are the basis for many works, most notably,
Curlew's Viewpoint.

Tiny Tin's Tip Toe


A homage to the humble Tinnie...


This work was acquired by the Redlands City Council through the inaugural 'Girt by Sea' exhibition, held in June, 2016 at Redlands Bay.

Reaching out to sea...

'Flightful Tinnie'


Exhibited with Curlew's Viewpoint at Girt by Sea 2017, in Redland Bay, this sculpture was an integral part of Greg's recovery from his  slight misadventure... and came together with the awesome support of his dad, Don.

Greg does it again!


Wins award at

SWELL Sculpture exhibition at Currumbin


Lighfboat won the Max Fabre Foundation Environmental Awareness Award at SWELL.

A three time award winning sculpture

Oar Or Ore


Greg's companion piece  to Lighfboat, created for the 2016 Swell Smalls Gallery. Read about it here:

[Post Script: Oar or Ore won a

'Highly Commended' Award

at the 2019 Brookfield Art Show]

You gotta recognise it:

Credit where Credit is due!


Greg would like to thank Steve Morgan and Bob Turner for their incredible support and hard work in realising the Four Islands Festival Sculpture competition and the Girt by Sea Acquisition Prize.

Special mention too to the Redlands Creative Alliance and the Redlands City Council for their valuable support of the Arts, and the highly valued direct support from Councillor Mark Edwards, of Division 5, who has been a tireless worker for the recognition of the valuable part that the arts plays in a healthy community life.

It's another First Prize!



August 10, 2015


Greg did it again, with another First Prize, again with his remarkable work, Lighfboat.


The prize was awarded at the 4 Island Festival, held on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands during August, 2015.


Lighfboat was popular with the crowds, and fascinated old and young alike. It also provided a fitting bakdrop to the festival's 'Dress LIke a Pirate' Day on Karragarra Island, where the sculpture was positioned for the festival.


Greg enjoyed fantastic Island hospitality for the duration of the festival. He is looking forward to returning next year to enjoy the company of the delightful community of the Karragarra Yacht Club, who worked hard to put the event together..

Sculptor Greg Windsor

Flight of a Course

Notions of flight and balance in this work shortlisted at the 2011 Noosa Regional GalleryTravelling Scholarship.


A work that marries intent and form to yet again contribute to  the discussion around social efficacy.

Lighfboat awarded First Prize at 4 Island Festival

This same work was awarded first prize at 'Sculpture on the Edge', 2014 at Maleny, SEQ.

Underwear makes Brief Appearance at SOTE


September 20, 2015

Greg unveiled his latest work at Sculpture on the Edge, where he took out first place in last year's competition with his fascinating work, Lighfboat.


This year's entry is titled 'Underwear', and is Greg's dig at the stalemate that has arisen from the political mess surrounding the submarine contract and South Australia.


You can read about the work, and Greg's Artist Statement that accompanies it on its own page, here:

Current Work Submersed... or is it?


August 16, 2015

Greg is gearing up for the next exhibition he is showing his work in - this time it is 'Sculpture on the Edge' at beautiful Maleny. Greg took out first prize in last year's SOTE, and he is looking forward to taking part again this year.


The work has started. This time he is taking the viewer on a hair raising ride through the air and under the ocean in this work that draws inspiration from submarine design, early airplane construction and notions of balance and suspension... the result should be both confounding and magnetic.


Wood and metal again feature in this piece that addresses the recent debacle in the South Australian submarine construction industry, and critiques the state of play in our dwindling industrial sector.


Stay tuned... and visit Sculpture on the Edge this year to see the final work. The event is being held September 12 - October 18, 2015, at Spicers Tamarind Resort, 88 Obi Lane, South Maleny. See the website

at the judging
Greg at work
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In the Studio...

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