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Greg Windsor completed a Masters of Fine Art (Sculpture) at the Memphis College of Art in 1992. During ensuing years of both study and practice, his  other preferred practice continues to be the manipulation of the two dimensional surface.


Colour is the element of metaphor, of symbolism, of expression and mood. Two dimensional colour abstracts the 3D form and pulls the spatial into the smooth picture plane of a reconsidered view.


Windsor produces works that embrace semiotics, abstraction and symbolism to impart the offerings of a barbed wit in a commentary on contemporary society that both mangles and magnifies language and form.

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Interpreting Sand.jpg

Mixed media on paper 940 x 660mm The stage is set and the curtains are drawn…The theme of death and the erosion of the physical environment challenges us to think of time, yet ‘permanence is but a word of degree’ (Emerson). The recurring theme of the colonial Queen speaks of my own coming to terms of indoctrination into a Commonwealth nation. The painting visits the duality of ‘civilised versus primitive’, and draws into question the desire for luxury over necessity. The idea that we are try